Effective and Efficient School Management System

We are more than the traditional Learning and School Management System.

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Multiple Functionalities
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Here's What You Did Not Know

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We make it extremely easy for school administrators to run the day-to-day activities of the school by digitizing school records.
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Centralized communication makes the learning community (Student, Guardians, Teachers and Administrators) fully informed of all activities.
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We inculcate the culture of eLearning in Liberia schools. We provide tools for educators to produce digital content. Learners use SMSS to access and consume digital content.
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We indulge Guardians in school activities. Guardians’ involvement shapes learners discipline and academic performance. It creates the “big-brother-is-watching” effect on learners’ minds.


Take a look of just some of the features in SkoolMatte.

Exams and Report Cards

Easy exam recording and report cards generation. Grading is automatic and customized as may be required by the school. Ranking and performance statistics/analytics is available for administrators to enable them make decisions.

School Fees Management

Fees invoicing, payment recording/entry and fees statement generation is easily done. Guardians can access fees statement from the comfort their phones/computers.


Inventory of fixed and current assets can be managed through easy asset register recording and tracking.

Finance Reports and accounts

Administrators can view all reports on receivables and payables. The system can track all expenses through simple entries. Payroll is available for schools.


Communication between school administration, educators, learners and Guardians is centralized. SMS, e-mail and closed user group chats are all available. Administrators can remind guardians on balance fees payment, PTA meetings, learners discipline, scheduled meetings and reminders. Educators can engage learners on academic chats and assignments.

E-Learning Tutorials

Easy Learning through online prerecorded tutorials. Students learn Anytime, Anywhere ant their comfort. They can rewind forward pause. We deliver local content by local educators. We assist educators in various schools to produce and disseminate all digital content to Learners.

eLearning Platform

We have deliberately created a forum where Educators and Learners collaborate to make Learning Anywhere Anytime a reality. We disseminate quality digital to learners through our School Management System & Service (SMSS).

Centralized Records/Data repository

All relevant records and data for administration, students and school staff are securely stored and available at the click of a button. No more “lost” file. Data can be accessed by relevant personnel from anywhere anytime.

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